Why You Need to Know an Emergency Dental Care Provider

Why You Need to Know an Emergency Dental Care Provider

Mar 01, 2021

Falling or getting a strike on your mouth when playing sports or carrying out your routine activities might cause pain and discomfort. Also, when you have an underlying dental problem such as an infection, you might be at risk of developing further complications.

Some of the dental problems are preventable. Therefore, you can take preventive measures as recommended by your dentist. However, do you know what to do when you have a dental situation that poses a risk of further complications or causes pain and discomfort?

If you have a dental situation that requires urgent dental care, you can contact an emergency dentist near. Since not all dental situations require urgent care, you can contact your dentist and explain your situation. Your dentist can determine the urgency of your dental situation and schedule an emergency dental appointment.

Reasons Your Might Need Emergency Dentistry Services

Some dental scenarios might not wait until your dentist is open for services. Therefore, you can contact an emergency dentist near your for the following reasons:

Knocked-Out Tooth

When carrying out your routine activities or playing contact sports, you might fall or get a blow on your jaw. The impact from the fall can knock-out or break your teeth. When you have a knocked out or broken tooth, you might experience excruciating pain and discomfort. Sometimes you might not be able to sleep due to discomfort.

Without emergency dental care, you might risk losing your tooth. Therefore, you can contact your emergency dental care provider and book an appointment. Your dentist will offer treatments to reduce pain and restore the knocked-out tooth. Therefore, you can collect your fallen tooth and take it with you to the dental clinic.

With the treatments, you can reduce the risk of bone loss, oral infections, and chewing problems.

Unexplained Toothache and Swelling

Toothache and swelling that does not subside after using natural remedies can raise a concern. If you have such a dental problem, you should consider emergency dental care.

Such dental problems might be a result of a root canal or gum infection. Worst case scenario, the swelling might be a sign of oral cancer. With emergency dental care, the dentist can diagnose your problem and offer a suitable treatment plan. Therefore, you will be at reduced risk of developing further complications.

Dental Abscess

A tooth abscess is a dental problem caused by a bacterial infection in your teeth and gums. If you have a dental abscess, you might experience excruciating pain and discomfort. Sometimes, you might lack sleep and have difficulties breathing or swallowing due to pain.

To reduce pain and prevent the risk of spread, you should contact your dentist for treatment. At the dental clinic, your dentist will provide treatments for the pain and remove pus to prevent the spread. In the meantime, you can swish clove oil in your mouth to reduce the soreness.


You might experience bleeding on your gums after brushing your teeth when diagnosed with gingivitis. However, if you experience bleeding after brushing without a known diagnosis or after tooth extraction, it is advisable to consult a dentist.

You might be at risk of excessive blood loss or periodontitis. Your dentist will recommend a diagnosis for gum disease. To prevent blood loss, you can bite down a wire gauze on the socket.

Damaged Tooth Restorations

If you are feeling a taste of coins, you might have a damaged dental crown or filling. When the tooth restorations are damaged, you might be at risk of developing complications such as root canal infection.

To prevent such complications, you can consider emergency dentistry. Your dentist will offer repairs or replacements for your damaged tooth restoration, preventing infections.

Benefits of Emergency Dental Care

Some of the benefits you can enjoy from emergency dental care include:

  • Early diagnosis and treatments, preventing further complications
  • Fast pain management
  • You might be able to retain your tooth
  • Reduced pain and discomfort gives you a chance to enjoy a good night sleep
  • Prevent the need for incurring extra costs to replace your lost teeth

If you need an emergency dentist near you, you can consider Paradise Dental. At our dental clinic, you can visit us and get to enjoy the above benefits.