Teeth in One Day

Teeth in One Day teeth in one day

What are the Benefits and Risks

The teeth in one day arise from the reflection of modern times. In recent years, technological advancements have revolutionized the dental world. This new concept offers great comfort, precision and aesthetic certainty in fixed treatment.

This treatment consists of temporary teeth that attach to the titanium screw instantly after insertion into the bone.

What is ‘teeth in a day’ treatment?

It is an implant treatment. This procedure allows you to have beautiful new teeth in just 8 hours. In one day, we can put implants and fix teeth.

If you were toothless in the morning, at night you will have it all at Winter Haven Dental.

How long it takes? dentists, teeth in a day, teeth in one day

It depends on the lack of teeth in particular. It can be done in one hour, in the simplest cases. It may take about eight hours in total edentulous or complex cases. The patient enters the clinic in the morning and leaves hours later with his teeth fixed. During this time the surgery, wax test, teeth test are performed, the color and the desired size are chosen.

Benefits and risks of ‘teeth in one day’ treatment

Reduction of treatment time – With this technique, you can replace a front tooth very quickly. In the conventional method, a waiting time (two to four months) for bone regeneration is required. But, in the immediate treatment, the provisional teeth are fixed after surgery. So, one does not need to wear removable replacement prostheses.

A single surgical procedure – in the traditional method, the healing abutment will shape the gingival tissue for a few days. But, the provisional teeth themselves make this impression on the immediate treatment.

It allows the aesthetic results to be superior. The patient goes to the clinic less often. Prevent toothless appearance and discomfort of removable dentures – Immediate dental implants replace missing teeth. The problem of toothless appearance disappears as does the difficulty of adapting to removable dentures. The psychological problems associated with missing teeth are eliminated.

Risks best dentist in orlando, teeth in one day

Rejection – Any surgery has a risk of rejection either conventional or ‘one day complete treatment’. This can happen if the bone cells do not involve the implant. Or the surrounding gum tissue may become infected.
Excessive force – The implant should be free of tension or excessive force after treatment. It is essential that you remain immobile for the time necessary for osseointegration.

The ‘teeth in one day’ is an excellent solution offered at Winter Haven Dental for those who want to have teeth within the same day. But not all people are candidates for this treatment. Our dentist may, after examination of computerized radiographs, advise some treatment. There are some requirements to consider such as the patient’s oral and general health. There may also be the need to remove some non-compatible pathologies. Learn if you are a candidate for teeth in one day

The experience and technical skills of our dentist contribute to the success of this treatment. We ensure eliminating the risk of movement and increasing the primary stability of dental implants.

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