Root Canal Therapy

Root Canals in Orlando, FL

Root canals in Paradise Dental is another name for endodontics or root canal treatments. When you visit a dentist near you, you might hear any of these terms, but they all refer to the same thing. At Paradise Dental in Orlando, FL, we have plenty of experience when it comes to root canals near you.

Knowing that there’s a dentist in Orlando, FL that can take good care of you always helps. At Paradise Dental, we see several patients with root canal problems every week. We create a treatment plan that suits each patient and their dental condition so we can achieve the best possible outcomes.

Diagnosing Root Canal Problems

The first step is to diagnose the problem so we can treat it. Patients usually have symptoms that include dental pain while chewing, increased hot and cold sensitivity, and having swollen and tender gums. Some patients always notice holes in their teeth.

The root canal or pulp of the tooth is well protected, but it can still become infected. Large untreated cavities can reach the pulp. Root canal problems can also happen following trauma or severe dental infections. When a patient visits our office, we’ll ask them a few questions then examine them.

Since the pulp of the tooth is hidden, we’ll need an x-ray or a CT scan to see it. These imaging modalities help us diagnose the extent of the problem and get a better assessment of the situation.

Treating Root Canal Problems

Since the core of the tooth isn’t readily accessible, we’ll need to create an incision or a hole to reach it. The main aim of treatment is to remove everything that’s infected inside the tooth. This can require multiple visits. Local anesthesia will be injected to keep you comfortable while we work. After removing all the infected tissues, we’ll place a filling inside the tooth.

That’s not the end of it. Patients will most likely need dental crowns for the affected teeth. If you’re getting a crown for any other reason, we’ll also check to see if you need root canal treatment first.