Emergency Dentistry

Emergency Dentist in Orlando at 32819 | Urgent Dental Care

It isn’t always possible to get in to see your family dentist near you when there’s a problem with your teeth. With emergency dentist in Orlando, FL, you can count on Paradise Dental of Orlando to give you the help you need.

If you have broken a tooth or are suffering from an infection, for example, emergency care is critical. Stop in today or give us a call to see what kind of solutions are available for your needs. Our trained professional staff is here to help.

What Is It?

Emergency dentistry is a service that is available for patients who can’t get immediate dental care from their regular dental provider. We see patients who have accidents, broken braces, abscesses, tooth infections, and much more.

If you need Orlando emergency dentistry near you, we can provide you with the care you need until you can get in to see your family dentist. Don’t suffer any longer; we are ready to assist!

Who Needs Emergency Dentistry in Orlando, Florida?

Emergency dentistry is a dental service that provides care and assistance to patients who have suffered trauma to their mouth area. This includes the jaw, teeth, gums, and tongue. Patients seek emergency dentistry when their family dentist isn’t available.

This walk-in service is open to the public who are experiencing problems or pain related to their teeth. We’re here to provide whatever assistance we can until you can follow up with your regular provider.

We see people who have broken a tooth during a baseball game, chipped a tooth while eating, broken their braces, and more.

How Long Does Treatment Take?

No visit is identical. We, therefore, can’t guarantee how long your visit will last. Some patients might be here for 30 minutes, while others can be here for a couple of hours. It all depends on the severity of the problem.

Our dentist in Orlando, FL, is here when others aren’t. If you require immediate dental care, simply stop into Paradise Dental of Orlando as soon as possible to get the help you deserve. We promise courteous and professional service to all of our patients.