Periodontal Disease – Maintenance

Periodontal Disease – Maintenance – Within twenty-four hours’ plaque can harden into tartar (or calculus)! Daily oral hygiene habits can help manage plaque and tartar, but areas difficult to reach will require additional care.

Upon completing your periodontal procedure, your dentist and hygienist will suggest you schedule regular dental cleanings, generally every three months. During these routine cleanings, the space between the teeth and gums, sulcus, will be thoroughly inspected for their health. Tartar and plaque that are inaccessible during at-home daily care are also removed.

Your routine dental cleaning visit will involve:

· X-ray exam – Necessary to determine areas of decay, tumors, abscess, and boneless. X-rays also identify tooth and root locations.
· Restoration exam – A look at recent fillings, crowns, etc.
· Tooth decay exam – A check for tooth degeneration.
· Oral cancer evaluation – An analysis of the face, neck, lips, oral tissues, and gums for symptoms of oral cancer.
· Oral hygiene suggestions – Aids such as electronic toothbrushes, oral rinses, brushing techniques, etc. may be reviewed and prescribed.
· Tooth polishing – Stains and plaque are removed that may have been missed during daily brushing and scaling.

Oral hygiene care and regular periodontal cleanings are key to continuing good dental health and controlling periodontal disease!