Dental Anxiety and Fear

Dental Anxiety and Fear

Dental appointments can bring about feelings of worry, fear, and anxiety. Patients often anticipate an excruciating procedure that includes screeching tools and a merciless doctor. Patients, instead, should expect to have a relaxing and content experience. At Paradise Dental, patient care and comfort are our priority. Our dental professionals dedicate themselves to soothing patient anxieties and pain before, during, and after treatments.

The inclusion of the latest dental technologies has resulted in our dentists replacing painful outdated tools with simple pain-free lasers. Our team also utilizes anesthetics to remove pain and discomfort during treatment.

The most common dental fears are:


Choking/ Gagging/ Vomiting



The dentist or Dental Professionals

Failure of Novocain (feeling pain even when numbed)

Tools (more specifically drills)

How to control dental anxiety?

Millions of people avoid dental visits and care because they are too fearful. It is important to maintain routine dental visits; your oral health is dependent upon it. Regular checkups help to maintain healthy, beautiful smiles and may prevent the need for more intensive care.

Tips to minimize dental anxiety:

Communicate – Inform dental professionals of any fears and anxieties. Doing so, they should take additional measures to ease and calm the patient during your visit.

Tune out your fears – Listening to music may drown out any thoughts of fears and cause the patient to relax. Soothing sounds are a great aid for relaxation.

Gestures, Signs, and Cues – Many times doctors are unaware when a patient is experiencing pain. Before beginning any dental procedure inform the doctor of a gesture, sign, or cue you will use to notify them of intense pain or discomfort.

Utilize Throat Sprays – Medicated throat sprays help in maintaining the gag reflex. Spray the back of the throat prior to the procedure to minimize chances of gagging.

Watch the Procedure – Take a mirror to your dental appointment. As the dentist is performing the procedure, hold the mirror that will allow you to see what is happening. Knowing exactly what is taking place shifts the patients’ focus and calms anxieties.

Medication – Sedation can be a last resort for patients. Ask your care professional about the types of sedation and which option may be best for their procedure.

Know your Options – There could be more than one way in an approach to care. Discuss the options with your dentist and choose the one that best eases your fears.

For any questions or concerns regarding your dental fears and anxieties contact us today.