Insurance and Financing

Insurance and financing matters should be handled smoothly and without any difficulties. At Paradise Dental in Orlando, FL, we want you to put your mind at ease. When you visit a dentist near you, your focus should be on getting the care that you need rather than on how you’re going to handle the payments.

We’re constantly working on accepting new types of insurance and payment. We’re here to take care of you from the moment you walk into our office. By reducing the stress of insurance and financial matters, we can keep our patients comfortable. We’ll also provide them with the dental care they need without any delays.

Accepted Insurance

Our office takes most dental insurance plans. This includes:

  • PPO out-of-network
  • Traditional (indemnity)
  • Non-managed care.

We are not involved in any managed care network. The required forms for dental benefits are produced by our accounting team. Please remember that your dental policy is in accordance with you and your insurance provider. The patient is completely responsible for any remaining charges in case your coverage is less than expected. Our practice is happy to provide a pre-treatment quote to your insurance provider to inform you of all your benefits.

The payment requested to our insured patients are standard and set fees invoiced to all our patients with like-services. Individual dental policies may have contributions based on a fixed payment schedule that may not correspond with our standard fees. Please understand that all insurance policies differ and vary in coverage options. Some insurance providers handle claims rapidly; whereas, others have a more gradual payment process.

Accepted Payment

Patients might prefer different payment methods, and so we strive to be as inclusive as possible. Payment is due at the time services are completed. We would be happy to discuss financial plans if your treatment requires extensive dental work. Please contact our office for greater details. We currently accept payments through the following:

  • Major Credit Cards
  • Cash
  • Money Orders


CareCredit allows patients to fund 100% of their dental care without any upfront fees, annual costs, and pre-payment penalties. Patients can start their treatment and have them financed with a convenient monthly payment plan.

CareCredit offers to finance with the patient in mind. They provide a variety of payment options to choose the best fit. With the No Interest Payment Plan, there are no interest fees in the event the balance is paid in full in the allotted time. Monthly payments are as little as 3% of the total balance. Procedures that cost $1,000 or greater can be financed with 24, 36, or 48 low monthly payment options.

CareCredit is available for the entire family with no need to reapply! CareCredit can be your only credit card used to finance dental and health care. Save your other credit cards for other needs and expenses. The application process is short, easy, and fast. Apply for CareCredit to receive your online approval or talk to our team for more information.

Apply Here

Other financing options include: Wells Fargo, Lending Club, and Care credit. Please contact our office for more information regarding accepted insurance plans and payment methods.