How Long Does The Pain Last After Root Canal Treatment?

How Long Does The Pain Last After Root Canal Treatment?

Mar 01, 2022

Although most people associate pain and discomfort with root canal treatment, contrary to popular opinion, excessive pain after the procedure is not normal. A root canal treatment is quick and pain-free, and dentists use anesthetics and modern technology during the treatment to save the natural tooth.

A root canal treatment is necessary when there is an infection in your tooth pulp. You should visit your dentist immediately if you experience a toothache – promptly visiting the dentist may prevent the need for an Orlando root canal treatment. During the visit, your dentist will examine your teeth and take measures to prevent the infection from worsening, forming an abscess, or spreading to the tooth root.

How Much Pain Should You Feel After A Root Canal Treatment?

After an Orlando root canal, you may experience sensitive teeth or tender gums for a few days. Reasons for this pain include;

Swollen Or Inflamed Gums

The tissue around your gums may remain swollen or inflamed even after your dentist removes the nerve; this is because there are still small nerves in the tissue surrounding the tooth. Inflammation in the area causes discomfort to the nerve endings.

High Temporary Filling

After a root canal treatment, your dentist in Orlando, FL, places a temporary filling in your mouth, allowing it to heal. If the dentist does not smooth down the filling well enough, it may be a little higher than the surrounding tooth. Therefore, when you bite down in that spot, it can cause pain.

Instrument Damage

During a root canal treatment, the dental instrument may cause damage to the surrounding tissue.

Incomplete Root Canal

Teeth like molars have multiple canals, and therefore, a dentist can miss some of the canals during the root canal procedure. After the procedure, you will still experience pain because the initial source of the pain is not fixed.

Usually, the pain and sensitivity after a root canal procedure should wear off within a few days. If the pain does not relieve you or it gets worse, you should visit your endodontist immediately for an evaluation.

How To Manage Root Canal Pain At Home

Pain after root canal therapy should subside in a few days. Nevertheless, you can use over-the-counter or prescription pain relievers to relieve the pain. It is crucial to follow all instructions when using your medications.

Avoid chewing or biting down on the affected tooth when you have temporary fillings. Furthermore, you should maintain proper oral hygiene, including brushing and flossing. You can prevent future infections by limiting your sugary food and drinks intake. You should also schedule regular dental cleanings to keep your teeth healthy.

Can Root Canal Treatment Fail?

Root canal treatment is successful in most people. In unsuccessful cases, the person can experience more pain. A root canal treatment may be unsuccessful because of poor oral hygiene or leaking restorations. Vertical cracks in the tooth and the presence of extra canals that escape the attention of the endodontist can also make a root canal procedure unsuccessful.

Other reasons why a root canal therapy can fail include dentist error or an obstruction that prevents the dentist from thoroughly cleaning the canal. The obstruction could be a curved root canal. In cases where the cause of the pain is a canal that escapes the dentists’ attention, the endodontist will have to find the canal by opening the tooth and removing the filling.


A root canal treatment is necessary for removing infections in the tooth root. Endodontists at Paradise Dental of Orlando have experience carrying out root canal treatments. Although you may feel some discomfort after the treatment, it should subside in a few days. If you experience worsening symptoms, you should immediately contact your dentist in Orlando, FL.