Here’s Why You Need An Emergency Dentist

Here’s Why You Need An Emergency Dentist

Aug 03, 2021

No one prays for accidents to happen. However, the fact remains that you will need emergency dental care for you and your family from time to time. Problems associated with oral health do not notify you before they arrive. Those assumedly small problems can suddenly escalate into a huge dental dilemma you won’t forget if left untreated. It is important to consider knowing an emergency dental clinic near you in case you have any emergencies.

What is a dental emergency?

A dental emergency is simply  any dental issue that needs attention right away. Dental emergencies require you to be familiar with any emergency dental services near you. An emergency dental service is a service that is readily available to meet the needs of the patient because any delays can cause permanent damage or require you to shell out more dollars than you would have planned due to complications. All you have to do is book an emergency dentist appointment.

What are the examples of dental emergencies?

Whenever you are faced with any of these emergencies, your dentist in Orlando should be the first person you contact immediately. Your dental situation may be classified as one needing an emergency if:

  • You’re in severe pain
  • You have lost a tooth
  • You have a fractured root
  • You’re bleeding severely from the mouth
  • You have a tooth abscess

Why do you need an emergency dentist?

When a dental tragedy hits which in most times can be sudden, you do not have all the time in the world at that moment. Getting urgent aid and finding relief as soon as possible becomes to priority. Having an emergency dentist near you to come to your aid could be the difference between saving or losing a life or a tooth. Below are the top 4 reasons you cannot ignore being friends with an emergency dentist.

Prompt Treatment

Dental problems could come in all shapes, sizes, and degrees of pain. For instance, it can happen in the case where there is a motor accident or an active recreational activity or a sports accident where your teeth are knocked off.  Severe damage can be wrecked if attention is not given immediately. You can always dial your emergency dentist, or someone around can help. This could decide whether you keep having a cute smile or not.

Clarity of the problem

You might have been feeling this particular toothache for some time. It may have been coming and going. In this situation, you are probably not sure if this could be an emergency. Dentists say that if it hurts, then it could be an emergency. Even injuries that seem small may affect the tissues around the affected tooth, thereby leading to more complications. An emergency dentist is always ready to examine and make clear to you what the actual problem is and administer quick treatment.

Pain relief

The pain that comes from swellings due to accidents could be excruciating. It is always best you can reach your dentist straight away before you take or apply anything to the affected area. The pain may be a result of tooth caries or dental abscesses. An emergency dentist near you is readily available to put an end to the pain or prevent the situation from becoming worse.

Saving a tooth

By getting through to your emergency dentist immediately, there is a bigger chance of saving your tooth. You should also find a way to preserve the tooth by putting it in a cup of milk or warm water and take it with your emergency dental clinic.

Overall, severe pain and/or bleeding, lost, cracked, loose tooth, fractured root, and tooth abscess are considered to be dental emergencies. When and if these dental emergencies happen to you or your family, be sure to see your emergency dentist for treatment or seek any emergency dental services near you.