Family Dentistry

Family Dentistry

Paradise Dental welcomes families of all ages and sizes into our practice. Dr. Hamarnah, Paradise Dental’s Orlando family dentist, is caring and patient-centered for children, teens, and adults. Children can begin visiting Dr. Hamarnah as early as age six. He considers forming a strong dental care routine, especially at an early age, is necessary for optimal oral health.

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To encourage family dental health, our practice offers family dental appointments. Learn more about the family dentist.

It is fun getting to know our Paradise Dental families, and we understand the convenience that group appointments present. Scheduling a Paradise Dental family appointment is easy!

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As both a children’s and family dentist, Dr. Hamarnah strives for all patients to have a pain-free dental experience. Dr.Hamarnah takes his time to educate patients on their condition, recommend treatment options, and discuss the positives/negatives of each. Our doctor will remain patient-focused and care for you during your visit to Paradise Dental.

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