Single Tooth Replacement

Single Tooth Replacement

Single Tooth Replacement

Missing one tooth? Read about our Single Tooth Replacement Treatment Options

Our experienced dentist, Dr. Russell Hamarnah, provides single tooth replacement care in Orlando.

All-Ceramic Crown Implant Advantages

An all-ceramic crown dental implant is an ideal permanent solution for patients experiencing tooth and root damage. The results are a natural-looking and functioning tooth.

Our dentist will use a one-piece implant, in which all pieces of the implant is placed as a single unit. The outcome is a full and complete functioning smile that required little treatment time and pain.

Patients undergoing single-tooth replacement can expect:

· Instantly working smile

· Beautiful and attractive smile

· Long-lasting smile


This process is normally completed after four dental visits. Patients often return to work the following day after implant installation.

Treatment Procedures

New Tooth Installation Process

Single-Tooth Implantation is one of many approaches towards single-tooth replacement. Discuss with your dental care provider all your treatment plan options to determine which may best work for you.

1. Before treatment, the

dentist will inspect the

area. Additional x-rays may

be taken if necessary. 2. The implant is placed. A nonpermanent tooth is inserted to function as a normal tooth while the

implant connects to the jaw bone. Within a few months, the following steps are taken.

3. Lastly, the temporary

tooth will be replaced with

a lifelong lasting permanent

tooth. The new tooth will feel, look, and operate like a normal tooth. Maintain optimal dental hygiene to keep the tooth and gums healthy.

Additional Options to a Ceramic Crown Placement

Tooth Supported Fixed Bridge The teeth surrounding the missing tooth will be shaved down to hold the bridge. The pros are an attractive smile, simple installation, and functionality. The cons are the harming of healthy teeth to withstand the bridge.

Extractable Dental Partials This treatment approach does not provide permanent results. Its major disadvantage is it instability that disrupts functionality. The partial denture is made up of plastic an apparent difference between the ceramic crown. The advantages are the teeth surrounding the missing tooth remain unaffected, speedy installation, and affordability.

Resin-Fused Bridge This option can be ideal due to fast installation, functionality, and natural-looking results. Natural healthy teeth surrounding the missing tooth are not sacrificed. This solution; however, remains temporary. The bridge will eventually detach and will require re-installation.

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