Full Arch Replacement

Full Arch Replacement

Missing all your teeth? Gain insight about Full Arch Replacement

Fixed Bridge on Implant Advantages

A fixed bridge on a dental implant is ideal for patients who may have lost all their teeth and are seeking a permanent solution.

Prior to dental implants, a permanent solution for all teeth missing failed to exist. Because of modern technologies, dentists can now restore a patient’s jaw by installing a fixed-bridge. The outcome is a strong, permanent, and beautiful smile.

The advantages of this treatment option also include:

· A normal functioning smile

· No dietary limitations

· Facial appearance and jaw bone preservation


The treatment procedure length and frequency of visits are determined upon conditions. On average, patients will complete their treatment within 8-10 visits. Comfort during the procedure is also common.

The Fixed Bridge Installation Process

1. Before treatment, the dentist will exam the area. Additional x-rays may be taken if necessary. The patient is also prepped for treatment.

2. Dental implants are installed. Most treatments use five implants. Teeth are temporarily placed to allow the patient to eat until the replacement by a permanent bridge

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