Cosmetic Smile: Have You Ever Thought to Get One?

Cosmetic Smile: Have You Ever Thought to Get One?

Feb 01, 2021

We see people with sparkly smiles every day at our workplaces, supermarkets, and movies. But do you think they were all born with these perfect smiles? The truth is, most of us have to undergo various cosmetic procedures to get the smile we need and deserve.

Unfortunately, some of us have been misinformed about cosmetic dentistry, and that’s why you don’t even give it a try. In this blog, we will discuss various cosmetic procedures, providing you with facts that will help you make an informed decision.

Fast Facts About Cosmetic Dentistry

  • Teeth whitening is the most popular and affordable cosmetic dental procedure.
  • Cosmetic treatment improves both your smile and oral health.
  • Improving your smile can make you a more confident and happier person.
  • Some procedures can be for cosmetic and restorative purposes.
  • Cosmetic treatments are safe and do not pose any significant risk to your health.
  • Most insurance providers do not cover costs for cosmetic treatments. However, be sure to confirm with your insurance provider.

Top Cosmetic Procedures

Now that you have an idea of what cosmetic dentistry entails, allow us to dive into the trending cosmetic dental procedures:

Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening involves the whitening of the enamel using chemicals such as baking soda and hydrogen peroxide. Typically, the procedure is used to remove tough stains caused by foods, drinks, and tobacco. However, if your discoloration is caused by enamel thinning, whitening may not work for you. Enamel thinning occurs when the enamel is eroded by acidic foods or old age, exposing the yellow dentin.

There are two major types of whitening, in-office whitening, and at-home techniques. In-office whitening is done in a dental clinic by a dentist, and the entire procedure takes about 45 minutes. The whitening effects last for up to two years if you take proper care of your teeth.

On the other hand, the at-home approach will take a few weeks before you begin seeing results. If you use the chemicals in excess for faster results, you will affect your enamel, making it too sensitive. That’s why we always recommend the professional approach. The dentist is always very careful, and if whitening can’t work for you, he will suggest an alternative solution.

Orthodontic Treatment

If you have wide gaps or misaligned teeth, orthodontic treatment is what you need. The treatment has been around for decades, and it gets better every year. In the past, you had to wear metal braces, which were slightly uncomfortable and took at least three years to correct misalignment.

Nowadays, even metal braces are quite comfortable, and most children don’t struggle to get used to them. As an adult, you can correct teeth misalignment with clear aligners, which are removable, transparent, and comfortable. Invisalign® and ClearCorrect® are the most common clear aligners.

Dental Veneers

If your discolored teeth fail to respond to whitening, the next best option is dental veneers treatment. The procedure involves the use of thin tooth-colored shells placed over the enamel to cover the enamel.

Typically, the dentist will remove a few millimeters of the enamel and replace it with a tooth-colored material of the same size. He then hardens it with a special light. He can adjust the shade of porcelain veneers to make your smile seem brighter than it has always been.

Dental Bonding

If your natural tooth is chipped or broken, the best procedure to take care of it is dental bonding. The procedure uses tooth-colored material to cover the chip and restore the functionality and appearance of the tooth. It can also be used to cover discolored teeth. Finally, the treatment can be an alternative for dental fillings to repair decayed teeth.

Cosmetic Dental Implants

A dental implant is a titanium screw that acts as a root of a tooth-colored crown. In most cases, the procedure is used for restorative purposes, but that does not mean it will not restore your smile. An implant looks and functions pretty much like a natural tooth, and it can last for more than 35 years. It is slightly expensive but is worth it.

Wrapping Up

Cosmetic procedures can help you achieve that smile you’ve always wanted. There is a procedure for every problem. At Paradise Dental, we provide cosmetic procedures of the highest quality, and you can count on us for restorative procedures too. Book an appointment now.