Bad foods for your teeth Orlando dentist does not recommend eating

Bad foods for your teeth Orlando dentist does not recommend eating

Dec 16, 2019

If you are worried about your dental health, in addition to having good hygiene habits, it is also essential that you watch what you eat. This is what dentists recommend, which indicates that there are several bad foods for teeth that it is advisable not to take or do so in moderation to avoid the problems that can occur.

And there are foods that we regularly consume that can be very harmful to teeth and gums. Excessively hard, sticky foods, with too many sugars, too acidic, or loaded with small seeds and residues, are great enemies of your enamel, your teeth, and your gums.

Here is a list of the 11 foods that are harmful to your dental health that you better avoid:


Although they may seem harmless to the naked eye, popcorn can give you a great scare. Dentists point out that many people break a tooth by chewing hard grains that have not been opened, and it is common for the shells to be trapped between the teeth and gums, causing infections and pain.

Dried fruit

Prunes and raisins, dried peach or dried pineapple and papaya, among other fruits with this treatment, can be a disaster for the teeth. This is due to the sugars they contain since they are very sticky, so they stick to the grooves of the molars and cause tooth decay.

Sweet coffee drinks with milk.

Dentists warn that constant exposure to milk and sugar for an hour or more makes it difficult for saliva to fight the sugars and acids produced by bacteria, which can lead to decay.

Hot water with lemon.

You better dispense with hot acidic drinks such as lemon water since acidity erodes tooth enamel and exposed dentin, which in addition to having a more yellow color, is more sensitive and can cause pain.


If you like to chew ice, you better give up this habit: its hardness affects teeth and can break them.

Energy drinks

These types of drinks are very acidic and have high sugar content, multiplying the risk of caries.

Raisins dipped in chocolate

Avoid them because they are very harmful to the teeth: they have a lot of sugar and being sticky stick to the surface of the teeth, with great danger of causing tooth decay.

Canned fruit

Be very careful with canned fruit because it can be a pump for your teeth, especially if it is in syrup since its sugar content is high.


Stay away from gummy bears and jelly beans of other types, because they are terrible for your teeth. Being sticky, they stick to the teeth and cause tooth decay.

BBQ meat

The problem is not the meat itself, but the sauces that are used to coat and flavor it. These dressings are sticky and have sugars that will cause tooth decay.

Granola bars

They have become very fashionable in recent years but, although at first glance they may seem healthy, they contain many sugars and are sometimes too hard, so they can break the teeth, damage the enamel and cause tooth decay. Learn more about bad food for your teeth.

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